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Leaders incite change. They inspire and motivate people. They propel people towards purposeful goals. And, they seem to be everywhere we turn. However, some leaders go overlooked, and these leaders are our educators.

Educators are dedicated to developing and encouraging the next generation. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and empower their students for the future.

This series is focused on recognizing and celebrating educators for all of their hard work. See Word Reading app for kids helps educators provide engaging lessons to improve literacy skills. We also want to showcase the individuals who work on improving those literacy skills daily. These educators will be featured throughout the series, sharing a few key aspects of their career.

Be A Literacy Leader

Tonya Howard

Our newest Literacy Leader, Tonya Howard, uses her energy and enthusiasm to keep her students positive and excited about literacy.

Kristie Thompson

This week's literacy leader, Kristie Thompson, works on using various techniques and technology to grow her students' brains and goals inside the classroom.

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