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Leaders incite change. They inspire and motivate people. They propel people towards purposeful goals. And, they seem to be everywhere we turn. However, some leaders go overlooked, and these leaders are our educators.

Educators are dedicated to developing and encouraging the next generation. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and empower their students for the future.

This series is focused on recognizing and celebrating educators for all of their hard work. See Word Reading app for kids helps educators provide engaging lessons to improve literacy skills. We also want to showcase the individuals who work on improving those literacy skills daily. These educators will be featured throughout the series, sharing a few key aspects of their career.

Be A Literacy Leader

Phoebe Pardo

Our new Literacy Leader, Phoebe Pardo, is an eager and passionate individual creating an impact in the educational community. Through her work with Clever Crazes for Kids, she continuously excites students about their learning and growth.

Becca Gasiewicz Thiemann

Our latest Literacy Leader, Becca Gasiewicz Thiemann, is an experienced and enthusiastic educator holding many roles in the Cincinnati community. Through her work in education, she empowers and excites her students to become better readers every day.

Davida Swanson

Meet our new Literacy Leader, Davida Swanson. Davida is a devoted educator using a variety of strategies to inspire success in the students she works with.

Terry Ann Williams-Richard

Our most recent Literacy Leader, Terry Ann Williams-Richard, is an inspiring educator within the Cincinnati Area using her abilities to encourage the success of her students’ learning and lives.

Lori Davis

Our Literacy Leader, Lori Davis, is an encouraging educator working within the Cincinnati Public Schools who fosters collaboration and confidence in the classroom.

Jennifer Rylatt

With our new Literacy Leader’s mentality that we are all life-long learners, Jennifer Rylatt works on her self and her students becoming better every day.

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