As we launch our See Word Reading App for Kids into the Apple app store this month, we are thinking about all the ways parents can help kids at home with developing reading skills.

Through our interviews with you, our customers, we learned a lot about your busy lives and your passionate desire to fit in quality educational time with your kids. Here are some ideas from pros.


Five Ideas for Fitting in Reading Time and Learning Time



Tip 1: Point out letters and words to your kids as you do your daily routine. Show them words on cereal boxes or shampoo bottles for example. Plus, read the word out loud to them. Try pointing at each word as you read to them. Lastly, share the names of each letter that makes up the word.  



Tip 2: Keep a tote bag of books in your car. Try filling a grocery tote with some favorite picture books and some new surprises. Your local library may have used book sales where you can get affordable books to fill the tote. Then, take your tote and a picnic blanket to sporting events such as watching your older children’s soccer games. Use the time waiting for the game to start for reading. Or if the wait gets too long at the doctor’s office, you can turn waiting time into reading time.



See Word Reading App for Kids

Tip 3: Download free audio books from your library to an iPod, iPad or Android/iPhone.  Most library systems today offer free audio books. Many libraries use mobile or desktop apps like OverDrive Media Console, Scholastic BookFix or Tumble Books.  This allows you to download a book for a specified lending period. Then, listen to the books with your child while running errands in the car or plug your smartphone to a speaker and use the library app while cooking dinner.



Reading app for kids at park

Tip 4: Find snippets of time in your family routine.  Reading time doesn’t have to happen right before bed. Try reading aloud while you fill up the tub or during snack time. What about while waiting for a bus? Or try reading while sitting on a park bench after a walk. Keep a book in your purse just for these extra times.



Storytime See Word Reading App for kids

Tip 5: Make time for story time. Most libraries and bookstores have story time events. This is a good way to show your children other people love reading too. Plus, they get to hear new readers and exciting stories.



See Word Reading App for KidsBONUS TIP: Use an app like See Word Reading to turn screen time into reading time. Try our See Word Reading app which walks kids through the fundamentals of reading in 14 easy lessons.

Plus, on level 4, kids get to enjoy a story read aloud. Finding the letters in the story helps reinforce the sounds they learned in earlier levels.



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