At See Word Reading we place a high value on understanding the user. We feel the best designs are created with user input and as much user input as possible.

We are proud that we have interviewed over 100 teachers along our journey.

We are looking for 30 parents to interview

Today, we are looking to understand the school to home connection in greater detail. We’d like to understand firsthand what parents are looking for when it comes to helping their children learn to read.

If you are a parent with a kindergartener, pre-K, or first grader, we would like to interview you. It takes just about 15 minutes.  As a thank you for your time, we would like to send you a copy of this workbook at left. Phonics for Kindergarten, Grade K (Home Workbook) 

Use the form below or book time directly with the interviewer here. (Note: Meeting Calendly shows only 30 minute slots but it will only take the first 15.) Also, we can call you anytime, while you are on the playground, doing a run, driving or whatever!

Thank you for your consideration and for helping us make See Word Reading a great product to help young readers everywhere.