The See Word Reading Apps for Kids and Teachers Help Improve At-Risk Readers

See Word Reading Apps for KidsAt See Word Reading, we are serious about helping students grow in their reading skills through partnerships with various schools and organizations.

We are proud to be partnering with the University of Cincinnati Castle Connections after school program to run a beta of the See Word Reading at Mt. Washington Elementary School at a club. The lead Kindergarten teacher and preschool teacher agreed to run the club to supplement their curriculum during the school day.

We are hearing some really positive feedback from our teachers.

See Word Reading Apps for Kids

Recently, we had a chance to visit with Mrs. Kerry Cassinelli, a Kindergarten teacher and Ms. Ebonne Torain, a preschool teacher at Mt. Washington Elementary in Cincinnati. At Mt. Washington, we are running an after-school “Club” pilot with the See Word Reading Apps for Kids.

In our interview, they shared that across the board, children were very engaged with the program.

Their results also showed that at-risk readers or the ones starting most behind the curve were the ones that seem to benefit the most.

See Word Reading Apps for Kids

For example using letter recognition worksheets for both lower case and uppercase letters, students recognition ability increased significantly.

Many of the students were able to double the amount of letters they recognized.

Granted, we know that the See Word Reading Apps for Kids are a supplement to classroom work and a tool in the teacher’s toolbox, but these early results are very positive.


Here’s What Teachers Are Saying About See Word Reading

See Word Reading Apps for KidsThe teachers at Mt. Washington Elementary used the See Word Reading Apps for Kids once per week in their after-school programs in whole group instruction before and after students did one-on-one work with the iPads.

Here’s what these teachers are saying.


“I was extremely satisfied using the app with the kids. It is colorful and engaging. It moves quickly and keeps the kid’s attention. The kids really like interacting with the character “Billy.” Also the pace feels just right, not too fast nor too slow. They can keep up and they learn several things in a setting.” – Mrs. Kerry Cassinelli, a Kindergarten teacher


“I like that the See Word Reading App for kids is interactive. It is more than just watching something on the screen. It requires they speak the sounds, trace letters and find the sound combinations in the stories. It forces them to pay attention to what is happening on the screen.” – Ms. Ebonne Torain, a preschool teacher


“This is awesome. It is always so great to see the “fruits of our labor” for the success of the children!  Collaboration at its best between Mt. Washington School, Castle Connections, and the University of Cincinnati.” – Debra A. Klein, Principal, Mt. Washington School



Fluency and Word Family Struggles Addressed

See Word Reading Apps for KidsSome other feedback provides insights into what teachers value most.

“With Kindergarten kids, they reach a point where they have the sounds and the letters, but then struggle with putting that together, like fingerspelling. The See Word app says words aloud. The students have to move letters around to spell words in a word family. Typically, kids struggle with that. See Word Reading helps them with these next steps, reading and spelling. That was great.” – Mrs. Kerry Cassinelli, a Kindergarten teacher

“In the stories where students find sounds. They have to find the sounds quickly. This helps them with fluency and speed.” – Ms. Ebonne Torain, a preschool teacher

“We would use it again!” 


We are also proud to be partnering with other schools and the University of Cincinnati’s renown Evaluation Services group to get quantitative data for a study for publication.


See Word Reading Reading Apps for Kids




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