See Word Reading Free Reading App for Kids

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. To celebrate you we want to put our reading app for kids into your powerful hands.

So this summer, we are celebrating parents all across America with a free summer of See Word Reading.

Keeping it simple is what we do best.

As we talk with more teachers and parents during our reading app beta, we find that making the steps to reading easy for educators is where we shine.

Our 13 pre-programmed lessons walk students simply and easily through the fundamental steps of reading with one manageable set of letters per lesson. No thousand lessons. No million learning tracks. Just one path through the basics of phonics made fun for kids.

  • In Level 1, your child will practice tracing and will learn letter sound correspondence.
  • In Level 2, your child will build words using word families and the sounds they learned in Level 1.
  • In Level 3, they learn to spell words that are spoken aloud, building on their success from Level 1 and 2.
  • In Level 4, they hear and see a story read aloud that builds on those same sounds. Plus, they get to find the letters that make those sounds for virtual stars!

For parents of preschoolers, try doing one lesson per week to be Kindergarten-ready by your first weeks of school. For students who have completed Kindergarten and are rising first graders, we recommend using our See Word Reading App for Kids as a great way to stay fresh over the summer.

As we are still in Beta, fill out our form to request access and we’ll send you an invite through the “TestFlight” app. Thank you for all you do every day.

See Word Reading App for Kids is perfect for preschoolers, rising Kindergarteners, Kindergarteners and anyone who wants to practice reading skills.

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