See Word Reading Early Literacy AppSo this startup entrepreneurial life is filled with ups and downs. Moments when you run into technology challenges that were previously unforeseen, the labor-intensive steps it takes to acquire those first customers, research, customer interviews and more.

And then…

You run into moments when you know you are on the right path.

Jeremiah’s Story

Last week, Renee Seward, founder of See Word Reading, and I had a chance to interview a Princeton City School Kindergarten teacher Annie. Our interview went great.

Annie’s students have loved the See Word Reading program from seeing their own names to the confidence it builds when they complete a lesson.

Many of them completed the pre-programmed lessons that walk Kindergarteners simply and easily through the core basics of reading.

Here’s some of her quotes:

Simple and Easy to Use

Here are Annie’s thoughts:

“I liked that it was simple and sequential. It started with a letter and guided them through the steps of tracing, finding the sound and then spelling. Sometimes we give the kids too much. This was finite.

The students loved matching the letters and so many parts of the app. The words stuck with them also. I would hear them repeat peach, penguin and peapod for the letter P throughout the year. They remembered that letter right from See Word.”

Annie, Princeton City Schools Kindergarten Teacher

Supports Correct Letter Formation

Annie shared that the way See Word requires correct tracing before moving on was a very important feature to her.

See Word Reading Early Literacy App

“I liked that it helps them learn the correct letter formation. Other apps may let you trace the letter but they just keep going. See Word Reading makes them trace correctly before moving on. They learned to make the letters the right way.”

Annie, Princeton City Schools Kindergarten Teacher






Making a Difference One Life at a Time

And then we got to the story that really touched our hearts.

When we had first met Annie early in February to demo See Word Reading’s literacy tools, a small boy had just arrived at school for his first day. It was February.

This boy, who we will call Jeremiah, was going to school for the first time. The school year was already well underway and he was only just entering. He had no preschool experiences either.

While Renee and I were there it was “specials” time so Annie could meet with us while all her students were in Gym. At the end of our meeting, Annie was called away abruptly. The gym teacher was bringing Jeremiah to the principal’s office. Jeremiah was not following directions at all and disrupting the entire class. Jeremiah was sent home for the day.

Our meeting was over so we did not know any more about this story.


Annie described a boy, Jeremiah…

“One student entered mid year. He started with a deficit as he did not know any letters nor any part of his alphabet. He worked on See Word with an aide to help him navigate the app. He knew no letters when he came and he loved it. He would ask for the app. It was perfect for him. He learned a lot of letters, and went from a deficit with no letters to now knowing 11 letters, 7 sounds, recognizing all his letters, and writing his name.”

In two and a half months, Jeremiah had made progress.

Renee and I suddenly connected the dots and asked if that was the same child who was sent home the day we were there.

It was.

And then we knew, with that one life, we had helped make a difference to Jeremiah. And truly, Annie had made the difference and See Word Reading had helped her.

It felt super good.

Already, See Word Reading is in multiple schools around Cincinnati and after school programs as well. Plus, there is Singapore and others. As we continue to roll out our See Word Reading early literacy app to the world, the impact will multiply and grow.

The journey continues.


Free Summer of See Word Offer

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Margee Moore is project manager for See Word Reading and owner of BigOrange.Marketing. She is grateful every day for her chance to support the startup scene in Cincinnati and all the great tech and commercialization work at the UC Tech Accelerator.