See Word Reading Literacy AppAt See Word Reading, we are in the beta stages of rolling out our education and early literacy apps to students and teachers.

We have partnered with the University of Cincinnati School of Education to identify local area schools that would benefit from our app such as Princeton City Schools, the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati partners and Cincinnati Preparatory Academy to name a few.

Today, we are rolling out our app to these select schools and more.

It has been a fascinating journey of meeting new people, problem solving and rolling out the app. And even though the app is well developed and in its almost final stages, small challenges still come up. But we are tackling them one by one and meeting great people along the way.


See Word Reading Literacy App Development

One amazing thing has been working with developer resources here in our Cincinnati region.

This year, when our contract with the UC App Lab came up, we interviewed a few local development groups. Ultimately, we decided to continue working with the UC App Lab and particularly our excellent project manager Jacquelyn Freiermuth.

Technology App Development CIncinnatiThe UC Innovation/App lab offers the opportunity to collaborate with students, faculty, staff and alumni on creating state-of-the-art applications including responsive web applications and native mobile apps.

This has been a pleasure to work with them. It also feels like we are helping to build technology, development and STEM resources right here in our city.


See Word Reading Worldwide

See Word Reading Literacy AppsLast week, we had a call with Dr. Beth O’Brien, a Senior Research Scientist at the National Institute Of Education, Singapore.

Dr. O’Brien is working in Singapore to bring her extensive experience in researching interventions for children with dyslexia and reading disorders to support the development and testing of the See Word Reading platform there. 

Last week, we met via Google Hangout to discuss some programming challenges they are seeing with saving data from the student to teacher apps. After the typical logon issues with Google Hangout that we experience even in the U.S., we were all up and talking together.

Dr. O’Brien and Aaron, her programmer in Singapore were up late at 10:00 p.m. at night, while Renee, Jackie and I were here in the U.S. at 9:00 a.m.

We aligned on technology next steps. Plus, we planned to put the two programmers Aaron in Singapore and Amith at the UC App Lab here in touch with each other.

It was a pleasure to see how Google Hangouts and other technology applications like GitHub are making collaboration across continents easier today.

We will continue to share our journey as we roll out See Word Reading early literacy apps across our region … and the world…


Author: Margee Moore is a freelance marketing and project management professional at BigOrange.Marketing. She is pleased to be supporting the See Word Reading with project management and marketing support. 

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