Help more kids succeed. See Word Reading is a suite of apps: 1 for students and 1 for the teacher. See Word Reading aligns with the Orton-Gillingham approach. Take our quick tour of the four levels below.

Level 1

Building Blocks:

Letter-Sound Relationship

Readers trace letters, unlocking a series of photographic images that begin with that letter’s sound. This helps students remember the letter-sound correspondence. Readers’ voices and interactions are recorded for a teacher to access and review within their app.

Level 2

Guided Practice:

Building Words

Readers build words using word families and the sounds they learned in Level 1. A reader can access the visual cues if they need help, through the sound tiles. Once a new word has been built, readers are prompted to verbally record themselves reading the word. This is saved for teachers to access and review.

Level 3

Acquiring Word Skills:


Readers spell words as they are spoken to them, using the sound tiles included. Once a new word has been built, the word is saved for teachers to access and review.

Level 4

Learning Inside Connected Text:

The Storybook

A story is read to students as the print is highlighted so that students can follow along. Then, students are prompted to touch letter(s) that correspond to a spoken phoneme. Letters are dynamic and help to reinforce the sound/letter correspondence.


Assign + View:

Individualized Instruction +
Real-Time Feedback

Teachers have the ability to distribute customized curriculum to students, accessible through the student version of the app. As students progress throughout levels at their own pace, teachers can monitor a child’s spoken and tactile interaction with the letters, enabling a teacher to see where a student needs further support.



“I was extremely satisfied using the app with the kids. It is colorful and engaging. It moves quickly and keeps the kid’s attention. They really like interacting with the character “Billy.” Also the pace feels just right, not too fast nor too slow. They can keep up and they learn several things in a setting.”

– Mrs. Kerry Cassinelli, Kindergarten, Mt. Washington Elementary


“I like that the See Word Reading App for kids is interactive. It is more than just watching something on the screen. It requires they speak the sounds, trace letters and find the sound combinations in the stories. It forces them to pay attention to what is happening on the screen.”

– Ms. Ebonne Torain, Preschool, Mt. Washington Elementary


“This is awesome. It is always so great to see the “fruits of our labor” for the success of the children! This is collaboration at its best between Mt. Washington School, Castle Connections, and the University of Cincinnati.”

– Debra A. Klein, Principal, Mt. Washington School


“The parents were very engaged with See Word Reading. They liked having something they could do with their children. It laid out the steps to help kids learn to read. There are a lot of good things here. I like the way it is set up to do just so many letters at a time with the kids. It is well done and reinforces what they are learning.”

– Karen Bryant, Parent Education Facilitator, Power in Parenting, Beech Acres Parenting Center




Winner of 2015 Cincinnati Innovates
– cincinnatiinnovates.crowdspark.com

Excellence in Academics Award from the Ohio Board of Education for 21st Century After School Programs

– Ohio Board of Education

University of Cincinnati Tech Accelerator Grant

– www.commercialization.uc.edu

ComSparks Rising Tech Star Honoree

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